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Moving a backup tape drive plus commvault


I have a backup tape drive that I need to move from DR to production.

Can I check with you guys.

This backup tape drive uses fiber and uses a fiber or hba card(If I am not wrong).

I checked the production server. It does not have any slots left for the hba card but there are other cards in the server which also uses the same connection(The orange connection) I see that some cards there are 2 slots. The other slot that is not connected has a black cover. Can I slot the backup drive into that empty slot?
Hi guys. What I mean is that there is 4 cards. 2 cards have the orange cable connected(fiber),

There is an empty fiber connection that is not connected if i am not wrong beside the connected connection. 1 card has 2 fiber connections. 1 is used, can I use the other one? Its covered by a black cover

After that how do I detect and install the tape drive in the server. I use commvault and going to use the media agent to install.

Tape drive is an IBM ts3200


1 Solution
You can probably direct attach the tape drive to one of the available Fibre Channel ports -- however:
1) One might ask, "Why did they put two Fibre Channel HBAs in a system, and only use one port of each?  Perhaps there is some reason, and it would do you well to find out the reason before you mess with things and potentially break something important.  Is there someone you can ask?
1a) if you can direct connect, you should be able to find the newly-connected device in Windows Device Manager.  Loading CommVault will load appropriate drivers.
2) Some tape drives don't support direct connect Fibre Channel connect; they have to go through a (Fibre Channel) switch.
2a)  If you have one or more Fibre Channel switches in your environment, it may be better to hook the tape drive to the switch and then it can be presented to any server that is connected to your Fibre Channel SAN.
2b) If you do connect to the switch, you may have to edit zoning to present the tape drive to your server.
2c) Check licensing with your backup application, though -- it may be that for some backup applications, you'll have to purchase the SAN or Shared Storage option.  If this is a temporary use and you're using an eval copy of the backup application, make sure you complete your work within the evaluation period (typically 60 days), or it may get expensive to license the backup software.
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