Cisco ASA 5510 Route Problems

I am trying to accomplish the following and keep getting the error "Cannot add route, connected route exists"

I have 2 Inside Interfaces labeled (inside, inside_2)
I have 2 dual ISP WAN Interfaces (CCCharterWAN, CCTelepacificWAN)

I am trying to have "inside" go out the "CCCharterWAN"
"inside_2" go out "CCTelepacifiicWAN"

What am I missing??
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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
do a show run route

Both are connected interfaces which means a route exists automatically.

You need route maps or policy based routing to achieve that.

Both require the use of access lists

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Unfortunately the asa does not support the setup you are describing. The asa only supports dual ISP failover not load balancing. Take a look at the link below for a clear explanation and possible alternatives;
clctechsAuthor Commented:
I don't need load balancing. I need each inside and inside_2 interface go out separate WAN interfaces.
You could do this with 2 contexts which makes the firewall behave as 2 different firewalls.

In single context mode, there is 1 routing table. You will then only have 1 default route out which all traffic will go.

The 5510 supports 2 different contexts without additional purchase. In multiple context mode, you have a routing table per context, BUT you will then loose a load of other features. See the below taken from the 9.1 configuration guide.

Multiple context mode does not support the following features:
• OSPFv3. (OSPFv2 is supported.)
• Multicast routing
• Threat Detection
• Unified Communications
• QoS
• Remote access VPN. (Site-to-site VPN is supported.)
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