Cisco ASA 5510 Route Problems

I am trying to accomplish the following and keep getting the error "Cannot add route, connected route exists"

I have 2 Inside Interfaces labeled (inside, inside_2)
I have 2 dual ISP WAN Interfaces (CCCharterWAN, CCTelepacificWAN)

I am trying to have "inside" go out the "CCCharterWAN"
"inside_2" go out "CCTelepacifiicWAN"

What am I missing??
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AkinsdConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
do a show run route

Both are connected interfaces which means a route exists automatically.

You need route maps or policy based routing to achieve that.

Both require the use of access lists
Unfortunately the asa does not support the setup you are describing. The asa only supports dual ISP failover not load balancing. Take a look at the link below for a clear explanation and possible alternatives;
clctechsAuthor Commented:
I don't need load balancing. I need each inside and inside_2 interface go out separate WAN interfaces.
You could do this with 2 contexts which makes the firewall behave as 2 different firewalls.

In single context mode, there is 1 routing table. You will then only have 1 default route out which all traffic will go.

The 5510 supports 2 different contexts without additional purchase. In multiple context mode, you have a routing table per context, BUT you will then loose a load of other features. See the below taken from the 9.1 configuration guide.

Multiple context mode does not support the following features:
• OSPFv3. (OSPFv2 is supported.)
• Multicast routing
• Threat Detection
• Unified Communications
• QoS
• Remote access VPN. (Site-to-site VPN is supported.)
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