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I am reading a list of servers in the $Server variable, but I am struggling to list the tasks :

$Server = Get-Content 'C:\temp\servers.txt'
$Command = "schtasks /query /tn 'TopArcadeHits' "

Foreach-object ($Server)
    Write-Host $Command
    invoke-expression -command $Command

Could anyone correct me - thanks
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CaussyRAuthor Commented:
That does look overly complecated to list a few tasks.

When I run :

schtasks /query /tn 'TopArcadeHits'

Gives me the details I need.  There must be a way to use the above.
runs very well though
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with status added

function getTasks($path) {
    $out = @()

    # Get root tasks
    $schedule.GetFolder($path).GetTasks(0) | % {
        $xml = [xml]$_.xml
        Switch($_.State) { 
            0 {$Status = "Unknown"} 
            1 {$Status = "Disabled"} 
            2 {$Status = "Queued"} 
            3 {$Status = "Ready"} 
            4 {$Status = "Running"} 
        $out += New-Object psobject -Property @{
            "Name" = $_.Name
            "Path" = $_.Path
            "Status" = $Status
            "LastRunTime" = $_.LastRunTime
            "NextRunTime" = $_.NextRunTime
            "Actions" = ($xml.Task.Actions.Exec | % { "$($_.Command) $($_.Arguments)" }) -join "`n"

    # Get tasks from subfolders
    $schedule.GetFolder($path).GetFolders(0) | % {
        $out += getTasks($_.Path)


$tasks = @()

$schedule = New-Object -ComObject "Schedule.Service"

# Start inventory
$tasks += getTasks("\")

# Close com
[System.Runtime.Interopservices.Marshal]::ReleaseComObject($schedule) | Out-Null
Remove-Variable schedule

# Output all tasks

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CaussyRAuthor Commented:
The script worked !!!

But how would I read in a text file with a list of servers to check their scheduled task ?
you need to modify the connect command according to

and then just use the loop to process the previous code multiple times
(get-content C:\temp\servers.txt) | foreach-object {Schtasks.exe /Query /s $_ /V /FO CSV} | ConvertFrom-CSV | Where { $_.TaskName -eq "TopArcadeHits"} | Export-CSV TaskData.csv

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This lets you pipe in your server names
CaussyRAuthor Commented:
Thanks BeCraig. The script works fine but I am  trying to return only the root folder.

I have tried different attributes but no joy.
CaussyRAuthor Commented:
I have tried :

(get-content C:\temp\servers.txt) | foreach-object {Schtasks.exe /Query /s $_ /V /FO CSV} | ConvertFrom-CSV | Where { $_.TaskName -eq '\'} | Export-CSV c:\temp\TaskData.csv

I just changed the taskname to "\", hoping it would return the root folder jobs
If I am reading you correctly I think this should do it:

(get-content C:\temp\servers.txt) | foreach-object {Schtasks.exe /Query /s $_ /V /FO CSV} | ConvertFrom-CSV | Where { $_.TaskName -eq "\TopArcadeHits"} | Export-CSV TaskData.csv
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