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Hello Everyone,

I got a User "X" and owns 3 companies say "A", "B" & "C". where he logs into the Domain computer using his primary account "A". Recently the user told us he doesn't work with company "A" but he wants to keep his mailbox so he can view when necessary and he wants his company "B" to be Primary.
What i have performed is i left a forward "A" to "B".
The reason of doing this, all the group membership, user profiles are assigned to Company "A" account so in this way nothing will be affected.
Couple of weeks after i received complaint from the user "X" that his outlook is defaulting to company "A" mail account. so i added a registry to keep the company "B" mail account as default which is working fine, unfortunately, the issue didnt stop there. now the user is having issues such as outlook inbox unread emails are incorrect, unable to receive emails but no issues on Ipad / Iphone.

The "A" account is auto configured in outlook, "B" & "C" are added as separate exchange accounts -  

Could someone please suggest me ideas how to deal with this issue, i am thinking of exporting his "A" mailbox and merging it with "B". if i do this will i be able to differentiate between the different company mailboxes?

Since the User X is my companies MD, i am panicking all over.
Satheesh AgatheeswaranSystems & Network AdministratorAsked:
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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
I would first start by creating a new Outlook profile to see if you encounter the same symptoms. Do this from the mail applet in the control panel.

Also, for Company A account, if this user is no longer receiving mail why not just simply export the mailbox and either attach it to his Outlook session. Another thing you could do is create a folder un Company B mailbox called Company A and then move all of the mail to this folder. You can also setup a rule as well on Company B mailbox to put all company A mail into this folder.

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