Wordpress Doctype


I am trying to fix all the validation errors i have at the following link


I am confused as to what version i am testing this with as there are not many errors when testing HTML5 but lots when testing HTML 4 traditional. Looking at the doctype in the wordpress header looks like a HTML5 doctype but this is a HTML 4 template. Just a little confused as to what i am suppose to be using and testing?

Could you please advise on this so i can get rid of all my errors?

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James RodgersWeb Applications DeveloperCommented:
"but this is a HTML 4 template"
on what basis are you making this statement?

it validates as html 5 with a couple of errors
is declared as html 5
so why do you think is should be html 4?
Validating HTML5 markup as HTML4 will generate a lot of errors because HTML5 uses new tags, attributes and attribute values that do not exist in the HTML4 standard.

A template using HTML4 markup that includes obsolete code will still work but if it contains errors caused by obsolete references, then it may develop problems, and is not reliable because the browser are free to drop support for obsolete elements without notice; or render them in a way that does not comply with the old HTML4 standard.


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Andy6350Author Commented:
Thank you for this. I have been using a HTML4 template which i need to move onto the most modern templates.
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