Windows Server 2003 updates

good morning.

I am in the process of building a Windows Server 2003 (as a temporary fix) we are in the process of building a windows server 2008 server in the near future. However, when building the server and installing windows updates, I am unable to connect to the backend servers located at Microsoft.

when selecting 'Windows Update' in the programs list, I then select 'express' and then the server will keep on 'Checking for the latest updates' and it seems to remain at this stage, and can not get any further.

I have tried rebooting the server, checked the internet connection. Checked that the server has full access to the internet and no firewall rules are blocking it the required access and can confirm this is not the case. Depsite all this, I am still experiencing issues.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?

Kind regards
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When you say it "then the server will keep on 'Checking for the latest updates'", how long are you leaving it? It could take a couple of hours to get through this stage, worst case scenario. I built a 2003 server last week for some testing and found this to be the case.

If everything appears to still be moving along then I would leave it to it. Leave it overnight if need be.
Did you check %SystemRoot%\WindowsUpdate.log ? Anything relevant ?

ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
Im preety sure it didn't take this long though? Reason being is I need to build a few of these down on site within the same day if possible, however, this could hold the process up.

If I was copy the 'softwaredistribution' folder on the local c:/windows/system32, which is the repository windows update uses, will the windows update on the other server see these updates an install them?

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- Can't you prepare an up-to-date image of the servers you have to install ?

- As a workaround, you could maybe install a temporary wsus server (a virtual box on your laptop for exemple), download all packages needed (off-site), then configure your freshly-installed servers to update on this local wsus server while on site


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I would let it run, then go with Numbid's suggestion of an image.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Lets start back again with the WindowsUpdate.log

What errors do you see within the last 100 lines or so ???
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Windows Server 2003

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