RAID 10 offline on intel server board s1200BTS

Hi there,

I've got a server board with embedded raid 10 and got a status offline and it would not boot. If running configuration on the Embedded Raid II configuraiton utility it says: no VD

What should I do? I don't want to lose data.

I'm currently on a screen where I can configure VD to raid 10, but it sayd: Warning, This may result in data loss when the power fails.

Please help!!
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The only safe thing to do (assuming the HDDs didn't fail) is to disable the RAID controller, boot off another HDD (like a USB-attached disk), and run the raid reconstructor software at

This will let you combine the 4 disks into a logical RAID10 array which you can then back up to another system over the network, or even a large enough scratch drive.  

Then once you have done that first, then reconfigure and hope for the best ... if it does blow away the data, you have a backup which you can then image back over the new RAID10.

Bottom line, the only way to prevent data loss is to copy the data elsewhere.

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resneteeAuthor Commented:
Thank you - To the point and well understood!
You are welcome.  Helpful hint, the raid reconstructor will also let you image each individual disk or the entire thing, and it also lets you choose compression as an option.   If you image to USB it will take forever.  So try to image to a native SAS, SATA, eSATA, or even a network drive, all will be faster than imaging to a file on a USB drive.
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