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On a remote location we have a couple of computers (which is not a part of our domain, but their computers are on our Network by VPN) that we would like to run our ERP-system.

This ERP-system is quite heavy, so we would like to run it as a virtual application.

What would be the best way to do this with a Microsoft product? I've seen App-V, Med-V etc., but i'm not quite sure which would suite us the best.
Sum WumAsked:
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Is your ERP solution client-server based? (In other words, the main application itself, along with the database, sits on your server, while the clients only use a lightweight app or a web browser to access the program?).

If so, why not keep the ERP app on your server, and just let the remote clients access it over the VPN?

This way all of the 'data' lives on your server, and you are simply giving them remote access to it.

Another option is to set up a Terminal Server on YOUR network. Your remote users do NOT have to install any part of the ERP software on their computer. Instead, they launch a remote session to your Terminal Server using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Once connected, they launch the ERP software (which is installed on your Terminal Server). When they are finished, they simply disconnect.
Sum WumAuthor Commented:
We can install the ERP-application on their computer, but when it starts downloading all the information + tiff-pictures over the VPN tunnel, it starts going very slowly. We have tried with a remote desktop sessions which worked just fine, but we dont want them to have a another desktop etc.. That's why we would like to keep only the application virtual for them. Is it possible?
Terminal services in environment you can set starting program and block all other trough gpo.
When you say 'keep application virtual', are you talking about making a clone of your current ERP system, saving it as a Virtual Machine, and running that Virtual Machine on a server on their network?

Sure, that's possible as long as your ERP software agreement permits installing two instances of the app.

But that seems messy to me ... your remote users are logging into their ERP copy, meaning all of their data gets updated on that database only.

Meanwhile, your local users are using the local copy and saving to a separate database.

Now you have two running copies of your ERP that don't sync with each other?

Or maybe I am not following your question.

I think a Terminal Server is the way to go, as this is what it was designed for. Your remote users STILL log into their desktop on their local machines. They ONLY launch the remote desktop connection when they want to use your ERP app. If they use it throughout the day, they can stay connected and simply minimize it to their task bar. Now they are back on their desktop.

The Terminal Server method will be noticeably faster for your remote users (as opposed to installing the ERP software directly on their remote computers) because with Terminal Server, you are only sending keystrokes and mouseclicks over the internet. It's lightweight. All of the heavy processing is done on your Terminal Server.

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Sum WumAuthor Commented:
We used the RemoteApp on our Terminal Server, which is exactly what we want :). Thanks for input!
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