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Ive got a customer running Photoshop CC version 14.0 x64 who has suddenly started having issues with vram on their graphics card. Im getting an error regarding the 3d features require a minimum of 512b of vram however the grahics card is an AMD HD7900 with 2gb Ram. Ive tried new and old drivers and the latest beta ones without success.... anyone have any ideas?

Cheers Simo
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leehewsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The issue was caused by the client using both the on-board video card and the ATI card. The on-board was used for Adobe and therefore had insignificant memory. Sorted thanks.
Sounds like the video ram is going/gone bad.
You can check with DxDiag or GPU-Z

In W7, Start > Search > type in DXDIAG -- you can say NO to check for signed drivers if you want to.
I can't think of the path for it in XP right off the top of my head.

GPU-Z might give you better info:

Just in case this is a laptop, the Shared memory might be bad. You will need to check the System ram for that.

Memtest is real good for testing ram:

Also, make sure the fan is working, and the heatsink is seated firmly.
Ditto on checking the power connectors for the card.
Adding to the above
I'd include taking the side cover off the case and physically look at the card and the fan
 if there is dust building inside the fan or on the circute board could cause errors simply because it's not  performing
I use a soft makeup brush with vacuum suck  out all the dust, check the fans over the heatsink and on ram sticks
 that helps so much makes it really quiet again.
Try also running a windows disc cleanup incase the temp folders and windows thumbnails have grown very large, it all contributes to the video card workload processing handling etc.
LOL   Thanks for the feed back.
leehewsonAuthor Commented:
sorted it
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