how do I set the nic of vm for internet access?

I have vmware server 2.0 running on a windows server 2008 r2 that has 2 nics.

both NICs are plugged into separate switches and each switch is plugged into a separate router. Both NICs are getting internet access as far as the host goes. I have 2 VM running but only one of them gets out to the internet.

Host NIC1:>
Host NIC2:>

I guess my question is how do I assign a virtual nic to a particular host nic?
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ID10TzConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
ok went into my virtual Network Editor selected host virtual network mapping added a vmnet# and selected the nic from the drop down and it was like magic
I've not used vmware server 2.0, but on vSphere you just have to create 2 virtual switches, attach 1 NIC to each, then create a VM port group on each switch and distribute your VMs between VM port groups.

Does it help ?

ID10TzAuthor Commented:
no, but the vmware server 2.0 has a Virtual network editor Im trying to learn now
ID10TzAuthor Commented:
it was the answer
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