Outlook 2010 Notes - where are they?

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In the process of resolving an Outlook 2010 problem, I uninstalled Outlook, removed the profile and then reinstalled.  Using IMAP.

Now, I am unable to locate my notes.  I have many Outlook pst files from archiving over the years, but when I open the pst files in Outlook, I never see an icon for notes, which I presume are there somewhere.

Can someone suggest how to locate my notes?

Steve G
Boston, MA
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IT Regional Manager - UK
i would have thought your Notes would be part of your main IMAP connection/profile on the server you link to.  However if your linking to PST files, then again, if you enable FOLDER LIST mode in the Nav panel, you again will see your Notes folder and access anything you have archived or manually stored in that PST.

Usually before you uninstall any app you make sure you have backed up your files, as sometimes removing the app can also delete the data stored in that folder or any folder in use by the app.

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