ironing standars..

this is a misc question.. i see someone - a colleague- who always outwears even the boss.. this is perhaps his personal preference.. (his job does not demand such as what i describe below) but his attire- the shirt/pant/coat are so speckless that it looks new & grand everyday.. he is not too approachable.. so i'd rather not ask him directly..

what does it take in terms of resource to have such a flawless attire? perhaps politicians also wear this way, although i have not seen in person, just in newspapers/tv, but this is the most i have seen in live.

is it just giving to dryclean (professional service) everyday? only (&costly) option, right? or could there be any 'ready-to-go' solutions that can be invested and used from home everyday?

any thoughts?
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d-glitchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can have all your work clothes dry cleaned, but this is expensive and time consuming.

You can also learn to take care of you own clothes, a clean ironed shirt every day, and iron your trousers every evening.  Maybe even keep a few clean shirts at work.  It really only takes a few minutes a day.

And you should have  a tool like this for taking care of lint at home and at work.

As an academic engineer, I was able to give up on ironing years ago.
My brother (a lawyer) follows the plan above.
25112Author Commented:
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