GPO for default printer based on location

I need to have an GPO:

We have three business locations, and I need to be able to define the default printer to get based on which location you are at.

We move often through the different locations so it must be flexible.
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Joseph DalyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would reccomend against a GPO for this and instead suggest a GPP. With the GPP you can configure your printer as described in the below article.

You could then attach an item level targeting to each printer. This part is tough to say without knowing your network but you could use IP range, logon server, etc to target the devices.

For example if someone is in the subnet 192.168.100.x they get printer A and if they are in subnet 192.168.200.x they get printer B
ACAuthor Commented:
Thanks i think i will try this solution.
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