Solaris zone patching question

How do you do the patching on sorlais which has zones? Do we need to patch on global zone or depends on the patch? WE need to do them in both places?
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There is one important rule you need to consider and it is that you patch lvl of your zone can be greater than the global zone if you want to keep working on that server.

My suggestion is patch global zone and zone in parallel ( on the same time )

This will be the major steps to patch both ( zones and global)

1.      Boot in Single user mode
2.      Set up for Parallel Patching (Zones only)
a.      Check the number of processors on the system:
b.      # psrinfo | wc -l
c.      32
d.      Get number of zones
e.      # zoneadm list -pc | egrep -v '^0:global' | wc -l
f.      6
g.      If the number of zones is LESS than the number of processors, then set num_proc equal to
h.      the number of zones. Otherwise, set num_proc to the number of processors.
i.      You may need to create the configuration file in the next step if it is not already present.
j.      # sudo vi /etc/patch/pdo.conf
k.      num_proc=6  --- this will change depends of the zone numbers.

3.      Validate Server is in single user mode
a.      Ensure system is in single-user mode, reboot if necessary.
b.      # svcs | grep mile
c.      disabled 12:25:19 svc:/milestone/sysconfig:default
d.      disabled 12:25:19 svc:/milestone/name-services:default
e.      disabled 12:25:20 svc:/milestone/multi-user:default
f.      disabled 12:25:20 svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default
g.      online 12:25:36 svc:/milestone/network:default
h.      online 12:25:36 svc:/milestone/devices:default
i.      online 12:25:36 svc:/milestone/single-user:default
4.      Mount Zone Roots
a.      If this server hosts zones, identify all zone roots on the server, then mount each root.  
b.      # for MTPT in `zoneadm list -cp | nawk -F: '$1 !~ /^0$/ {print $4}'`; do mount $MTPT; done
5.      Apply the CPU patchset
a.      Change to the directory where you uncompress the patches
b.      ./installpatchset --s10patchset

I hope this helps

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Thanks a lot.
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