Unable to access to the Bios and Windows Boot option


I have a Dell PC. When I restart the machine screen goes black until windows login screen. After restarting, LCD power button is amber (orange) and it goes green at windows login screen. I don't see Bios option , Boot order, loading windows since screen is black. It is bypassing all items until Windows login screen. There is same issue when I shutdown the PC.

Any idea? Do you think it is VGA card issue ? I changed the monitor but still same issue. I need to boot with a CD but I am unable  since screen is black.

BTW, OS is Windows XP.

Please help

Thank you
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During the boot process, the F12 key on my Dell laptop displays the boot menu, allowing you to select a different boot device (such as your CD drive.) Try pressing F12 a couple of times right after you turn on the computer. Maybe that will make the boot menu appear, even though you can't see the rest of the boot process.
Did this just suddenly start happening? Failing power supplies can cause strange problems.

Some motherboards have the ability to disable the splash screen. http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001369.htm
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When you changed the monitor did you also try a different cable - or - if your graphics card supports it a different output?

The orange LED suggests that until Windows starts the monitor isn't detected.
I assume this is a desktop. What is the model number? Does it have a graphics card installed in it, not just integrated graphics?

If there's a graphics card installed, and the monitor is plugged into that, it's possible that the PC is using the integrated graphics up until Windows is loaded. Try plugging the monitor into the integrated graphics VGA port and see if anything pops up on the screen during boot.

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it can be a symptom of a bad bios  - does your model have a BIOS update function in Windows ?  maybe worth trying.

but be sure that the rest of the PC is working ok - a bad bios flash leaves you with a dead system !
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