Configure Citrix Web interface so users can login without entering the domain name

I would like to configure my Citrix Web Interface XenApp Service Site to allow only username & password authentication instead of having to enter the domain name also.

We run mainly the Citrix Receiver 3.3 & 3.4. We currently have a web interface server in production, but it is to be replaced by this new server. From this CWI users can authenticate with just username and password I have compared the settings at the Web Interface management console and the settings appear to be the same. However it still only allows me to login via the new CWI when entering the full domain\username rather than just username. Perhaps this is not configured at the CWI console?

Our new CWI is V5.4.0.59. The host is Server 2008 R2.
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HowzattAuthor Commented:
Thanks but that is for the XenApp Web Site Service, not the PNAgent Service.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
basraj url is correct what version of web interface you are using? in new version of web interface PNA Agent service url comes under Xenapp Services Site. You need check same setting under Xenapp Services Site
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HowzattAuthor Commented:
Sounds like its an old versing then. Web site and device site are separate. Ill try the latest version and get back to you
HowzattAuthor Commented:
I am currently using Citrix Web Interface 5.4
By the looks of it this has been out for a while. I have never heard of Storefront before though. I assume this is the new name for CWI? I am currently downloading and will test.
Carl WebsterCommented:
StoreFront is the replacement for Web Interface and they have nothing in common.  SF was written from scratch and is a new product.  WI is a dead product that goes end of life sometime early in 2015 IIRC.  The same time that Microsoft drops support for the J# language that WI was written in.

Web Interface Services Site is the new name for PNAgent Site even though the URL and everything in the configuration files still say PNAgent (just like most things still say nFuse but the nFuse name hasn't been used since like 2007).

Heck, even in XenApp 6.5, you will still see LOTS of references to MetaFrame and that name was banished back in like 2004 or 2005.
HowzattAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. I have deployed Storefront and works great via the browser, however I don't seem to be able to make it work with the Citrix receiver. We are currently using receiver 3.4 (Ent). Is this a suitable receiver for the storefront?

And re using old Metaframes references, I know what you mean, it's quite annoying when your reading a whitepaper and you all of a sudden you see the word Metaframe and you need to do a double take and make sure you aren't reading an old article.
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