Calendar sync in Outlook

is there a way for us to sync everyone's exchange  outlook calendars (about 10 users) and sync it to one main public or shared calendar.  (the master calendar could be with exchange, google calendar, etc--whatever works)

The issue everyone has is that they do not use the public calendar as intended (instead of booking their vacations, meetings on the public calendar for all to see, they enter it in their own calendars----so vacations or important meetings are being missed).
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Ugo MenaCommented:
The way in which we have accomplished this using MS Outlook is to setup another user, call it or whatever...

Log into the new Calendar user account using OWA, setup a new Calendar (call it whatever you like, we use OOO for Out Of Office) and then share that calendar to all of your users.

You will need to make sure to give everyone Author permissions.
Admin users should be given Editor permissions.

Then from within Outlook all users should be able to click on the "Share my Calendar" message sent from and connect to the shared calendar.
seven45Author Commented:
Hi,  thanks for the response, However, I don't see how your suggestion helps in this scenario as that's precisely the problem---the users aren't using a shared calendar.  If they did---the public calendar is already setup to do just that.  

The problem is that everyone (including the owner) relies on their own calendars.  I'm trying to find a way to sync many to 1.  (perhaps a tool that captures calendar info and dumps it into one main account without user intervention).
Ugo MenaCommented:
Sorry, misunderstood your question.

If the shared public calendar is showing up within users Outlook, then it is a matter of user policy. Of course you know this already. ;)

Another way to get that information from each users calendar without having them enter it into the public calendar, would be to have them share their Calendars (w/ at least free/busy information) to the rest of the company. That way at least everyone can see when others are "not available".
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seven45Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions---would you mind elaborating on sharing it to the free/busy?  I'll explore that option.

another obstacle---that i should have mentioned earlier---exchange is in a hosted environment and everyone is in a workgroup. (no AD).
Ugo MenaCommented:
Hosted Exchange and your workgroup settings (no AD) should not be an issue.

The Free / Busy setting is one of the permission levels that can be granted from within Outlook Calendar sharing. Here is a breakdown of

-Free/busy information   Shares only free/busy information.

-Free/busy information including subject and location   Shares free/busy information, as well as the subject and location of calendar items.

-All information   Lets the recipient see your free/busy information, subject, location, and other calendar details.

You can share your calendar in a couple of different ways, here is the MS Office writeup on it:

Here is the writeup with video:
seven45Author Commented:
Hi there---sorry about the late response; I've been away.

Although I see the logic in having everyone share their calendars to one account.  The recipient of the share will need to jump into everyone's calendar so see their schedules.

i'm trying to find out if there's a tool that automatically pulls calendar info for everyone and dumps it into one calendar display.  That way, the recipient only has to go into one compiled calendar and see everyone's info.
Ugo MenaCommented:
It doesn't really work that way...

The Calendar user account is only for setting up the calendar to share. Once it has been shared to everyone in your organization, all users will be able to see when others have scheduled to be Out Of Office within that shared calendar.

From within Outlook, the Shared calendar will show up just beneath the Local User's calendars. With check boxes next to each one to show/hide.

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