ADBPA results file

Where exactly does the ADBPA tool write the results file to on disc? And in what format? I have some experience with the MBSA which saves a nice .mbsa file to securityscans folder on the System where you ran the scan from. but I wondered if ADBPA does the same?

And does the report list just non compliant settings, or does it also list settings where you are compliant with the best practice rules?

Also do you need ADBPA to view the results? Or can you export them to PDF or similar?
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dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, it's not stored anywhere in an actual file. However, you can use some Powershell commands to export the results.

Rather than plagiarising the information from another source, here is a link that will give you more details:
pma111Author Commented:
Will that also export the compliant results? Are they in some form of DB then?
I'm not sure... according to the documentation I've read about Get-bparesult it says "The Get-BPAResult cmdlet allows you to retrieve and view the results of the most recent Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) scan for a specific model."

So I would think that if it exports the results, then it would be the compliant results as well.
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