php mail issue?

Posted on 2013-10-15
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Last Modified: 2013-10-18
The following is a snippet of code from a php program that sends an email.

      $mailto = "redacted@hotmail.com, sales@redacted.com, kneff@redacted.com";
      $subj = "On-Line Invoice Payment";
      $totpmnt = 0;
      $body = "Customer $custname has made on on-line payment as follows:\n";
      for ($i = 0; $i < $ni; $i++) {
// fix this regarding "blank" invoice #
            if ($paids[$i] != "") {
                  $pdfmt = sprintf($paids[$i]);
                  $body = $body . "Invoice Number: $invnos[$i] - Payment Amount: \$$pdfmt\n";
                  $totpmnt = $totpmnt + $paids[$i];
      $totf = sprintf("%01.2f", $totpmnt);                  
      $body = $body . "\nThe total amount paid was: \$" . $totf. "\n";
      $header  = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n";
      $header .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n";
      $header .= "From: donotreply@LSS.com\r\n";      
      $header .= "Cc: redacted@gmail.com\r\n";

      $mres = mail($mailto, $subj, $body, $header);

In a test this AM, I executed this code; I am the Cc at the end of $header. I received the email; see attached.

The recipient kneff@lawnsprinklerservices.com says she received the email; the others did not (they claim).

Subsequent to that, I manually composed an email to the 3 emails in the $mailto variable. It was received by all.

Is there anything wrong with the formatting that could be causing this failure?

Question by:Richard Korts
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Expert Comment

by:Ray Paseur
ID: 39574368
Quite probably the email was put into the junk or spam folders.  Automatically generated email has a "smell" that most modern mail programs can detect.  You should tell them to white-list the sending domain and the sending "from" address.
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Accepted Solution

Dave Baldwin earned 2000 total points
ID: 39574408
PHP mail() is kind of crippled.  And I would expect anything from 'donotreply', especially with multiple 'To:' addresses to be deleted by Hotmail.  Many mail services will not accept email from an address that can't be verified like 'donotreply@LSS.com'.

Your best option is to send individual emails to each recipient from a verifiable email address.  I don't know why you are sending invoices from a 'donotreply' anyway.  That isn't business-like to me.

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Expert Comment

by:Marco Gasi
ID: 39574441
Personally, I use PhpMailer to send mutliple emails and it works fine. In addition is very well documented and you find several tutorial on the web.

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Author Comment

by:Richard Korts
ID: 39574443
To Dave Baldwin,

The specific email in question is being sent to email addresses at the company (not the customer) when a payment is made by a customer. But I will do exactly as you suggest.

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Expert Comment

by:Dave Baldwin
ID: 39574473
The email servers aren't inside the company so that doesn't change the possible problems.  And you don't have to do the entire email 3 times.   Just use 3 different 'To:' addresses.

$mres1 = mail($mailto1, $subj, $body, $header);
$mres2 = mail($mailto2, $subj, $body, $header);
$mres3 = mail($mailto3, $subj, $body, $header);

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Expert Comment

by:Ray Paseur
ID: 39574480
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Expert Comment

by:Julian Hansen
ID: 39574501
Any particular reason you are using an HTML mime type in your message header?

You don't seem to be using any HTML markup - sending the mail as text might also have an effect (in addition to the other avice above).

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