ssh on cisco switch

hey guys im trying to setup ssh on my cisco switches to replace telnet but a little confused by the instructions.

yourname#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
yourname (config)#hostname LabRouter
2. Configure a domain name with the ip domain-name command followed by whatever you would like your domain name to be. I used
LabRouter(config)#ip domain-name

the domain name step, i dont understand what i am supposed to use there?
what tie in does it have to my domain?
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You enter the IP domain name for your network.  This will be appended to any host name look-up that is done from/by the network device.

If you worked at Experts Exchange, you would enter

If this is for personal use, I would leave it blank.
mrbayItAuthor Commented:
thank you, how can i create a ssh server so it doesn't prompt me to accept the certificate every time i try to putty in
It's not the server that is prompting you.  It is your client.

Most ssh clients (puttying being one) only prompt you the 1st time you ssh to a host name or a IP address.  They then store the key in a file.  

You need to look at where putty is setup to store the key.
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mrbayItAuthor Commented:
i understand, so is there anyway though to proactively roll the key out to clients, maybe via group policy or some other means
From one Windows box ssh to all of your Cisco devices.  Then on that Windows computer export the regkey:


Then import that file on all other Windows computers.
mrbayItAuthor Commented:
nice that sounds like a good approach, which brings up my last question.

Right now i can ssh into one switch, but how can i ssh into all of them from one center console? Can i do it with cisco network assistant
If you have putty in your path from a Windows command prompt you can do:

     putty -ssh user@#.#.#.#

Where #.#.#.# is the IP address of where you want to ssh to.  You will be prompted to save the key and you just click  Yes.
mrbayItAuthor Commented:
right but can i for example enable ssh on 10 switches at once
Oh, you want to configure SSH on the switches.

I'm not sure if cisco network assistant  can do it or not.  Never used it.   We now use a Solarwinds product to make mass changes.

We used to use RANCID ( to back up our network devices and make mass changes when needed.

For only ten switches I would type up the commands in notepad and then telnet/console to each one and just copy and past the commands in.

You may want to check and see, I think you can script with putty. and putty support telnet.

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