xbox one specs

Hi experts,

I'm thinking about pre-ordering the Xbox one.
I don't play video games very often.
The last system I owned was the very first XBOX, I played NCAA football and madden on it mostly.
I'm not a serious gamer, just a casual gamer.

I have heard alot of media talking about the xbox one and it's to the point that I'm confused because first they say one thing and then they say another.

I noticed that to pre-order there are 2 options.

Option 1:

Buy the console that comes with one controller and the kinect. This costs $499.99

Option 2:
Buy the bundle that comes with the console, the kinect, 2 controllers, xbox live(1year) and call of duty . This costs $679.99.

If I buy Option 1 and then I buy call of duty separate (hard copy ) that costs $59.99.
Will I be able to play it without having to buy anything else?  

What I mean is, If I bought the call of duty physical disk game , do I need to have internet connection and xbox live membership to play it?

On the original xbox that I used to have, I never hooked it up to the internet and never had an xbox live membership.
I would simply drive to my local target, buy the cd game at target, take it home, put the disk in the xbox and play it. Simple as that.

Will I be able to do this with the new xbox one?
Also If my nephew asks me to borrow my game, will I be able to let him borrow my game and have him come pick it up, and then take the disk with him, put the disk into his xbox one and allow him to play it?
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Only thing you would need if you wanted to play online would be an xbox live gold membership which is like $60 for a year.  Also yes you can still borrow games to your nephew.  There was a lot of confusion but due to consumer uproar microsoft removed their used game policy and all that jazz.
Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst IICommented:
Microsoft originally stated in order to play any game you had to check in once every 24 hours (they redacted that and said you can play offline as long as you want). It is guaranteed to play online though that you need an Xbox Live Gold account ($60/yr I believe). As for the latest information, Kinect is no longer required but rather suggested for the extra features such as voice commands. As for borrowing/lending a game, they also changed their mind and stated that anyone can borrow or lend a game out without any special circumstances.

2 key things to note:

1. When you first buy it you must connect it to the internet in order to update the system and create a login if you have not already done so.

2. In order to play online you need an XBL Gold account otherwise no game can be played online (not that I know of).

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