which SQL i have to install to have an old program and environment that working on power builder 8.0.4 and i would like to move it to other server

in the ini configuration file its mention its working with MSS SQL Server 6.0
which SQL server do i have to install that it will work properly and where i have free download

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lcohanConnect With a Mentor Database AnalystCommented:
You can use it with SQL 2008 R2 for instance and depending on the database size you may be good with the free Express edition. For sure you will need to change connection strings
but it must work fine with SQL 2008.

This way  you can store the value in your system ini file:

* Connect by authentication - Populate SQLCA */
SQLCA.DBMS = "MSS Microsoft SQL Server 2008"
SQLCA.ServerName = "MyServer"
SQLCA.Database = "MyDatabase"
// Do NOT! alter the order of these two DBParm statements!
SQLCA.DBParm = "TrustedConnection=1"
SQLCA.DBParm = "Secure=1"

But...must also work like: SQLCA.DBParm = "TrustedConnection=1,Secure=1"

whatever you prefer.
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