Change default user permissions on Public folder exchange 2013

I've migrated up to exchange 2013, and everything went pretty much ok.  1 problem we have remaining with our public Folders and permissions.

We have a folder and under it a bunch of users have folders.  In the old server we had changed Default user permission to NONE - so users could not even see the folders they didn't have permission to.  With 2013 the default user permission is back on and it's giving not only folder visible, but READ permission to all the users.

How do I go in and change that when the default user permission is not even showing up (in the management console)?
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erikwhitewayConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Remove-PublicFolderClientPermission -Identity “FolderPathName" -User Default

X FolderpathName = “\Email-Archive\N”

Prompting will occur to verify change.

Default user permission changed to “none”

The below two links explain the how the public folders are structured and administered in exch 2013:
erikwhitewayAuthor Commented:
got answer from MS support
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