luxadm command vs cfadm command in solaris

what is the diffrence between luxadm and cfgadm command in solaris?  Both are same?
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Joseph GanConnect With a Mentor System AdminCommented:
This blog may help you understand more for both commands:
Pepe2323Connect With a Mentor Commented:

No exactly

with luxadm you can see hba if they are online or not, force a restart of that hba

a cfgadm depends of the option you can see the channel and if there is something attached to that channel, rescan that channel to discover new luns

I will say that luxadm and cfgadm are complement of each other.

mokkanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.  Both are giving same information? From my understanding, we can manage internal  FC disk using  luxadm. Am I right?
Pepe2323Connect With a Mentor Commented:
luxadm and cfgadm doesn't give the same information, both are main commands  for FC disk management

luxadm : manage the HBA ( FC )
cfgadm: provides configuration administration operations on dynamically reconfigurable hardware resources
mokkanAuthor Commented:
Thank you all.
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