Citrix LPT1 Printing issue

have several virtualized servers running xenapp 6.5. We have an application that requires an LPT1 port for user logons. When I create a desktop session as a normal user I see the logon script running where it executes the command below.

net use lpt1 \\clientsystem\printer /persistent:yes

the command prompt stops and asks for a login id. No matter what logon ID supplied the script exits with an access error message.

If I run a desktop session with the same user then launch a command prompt as a domain administrator and run the same command it completes successfully and the application can print successfully to the LPT1 port.

I have also referenced but still I am unsuccessful.

How do I have the logon script run for the user so that it succeeds?
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have you tried net use with /USER:domainname\username  password
kwoznica732Author Commented:
I have but it only works if the user session logging in is at least a local administrator of the terminal server.

Is there a way to allow NET USE LPT1 for a non administrator?
kwoznica732Author Commented:
Credit goes to user RobSampson
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