Archiving solution for hosted Exchange

Hoping to find a good solution to be able to archive mailboxes that are using hosted Exchange.  Any suggestions are welcomed.
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Below are three majorly used in real world.

1) Exchange Archive Solution, which is out of the box
2) EMC Source One
3) Enterprise Vault from Symantec.

As I worked on all above three. I know, each one has it's own advantage and disadvantages. Like Exchange archiving, you cannot see archived data for handheld device, which sounds okay, however in real world it can be real messy.

for other two you first need training, next both are expensive solution. As you need separate server, product license etc.

If you want my suggestion and if mailbox size are not that huge, run without archiving solution, your life as admin will be cool.
hindsightAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  The built in Exchange archiving did not exactly blow me away but seemed to do the basic task.  It does require an Enterprise cal for each mailbox that needs to be archived.  In this particular case I'm really interested in being able to archive mailboxes using AppRiver hosted Exchange.  As with any hosted mail solution, the ability to restore old messages is limited to 30 days.  In many cases our customers have opted to go with an onsite solution just for the ability to backup and retrieve.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If you journal everything to a regular mailbox, most products can then extract that out either via web services or IMAP. Being on a hosted platform means nothing, it is just a mailbox.

I am doing that now with a client using GFI Mail Archiver. Normal journaling doesn't require an Enterprise CAL.

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hindsightAuthor Commented:
The journaling option is not exactly what I'm looking for.  I would want the individual users to still have access to their archives.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Journaling is only part of it. With most of the products, the end users will have access to the old email, usually through a web interface. Journaling is just the collection method, it isn't really designed to be used as the primary storage method.

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Best is to use onsite solution.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
I don't know what type of Hosted Exchange you have but Office 365 includes online, in-place archiving with a legal hold (optional). The online archiving is nice cause it's anywhere accessible (OWA included). Legal hold is awesome because it mirrors the mailbox so no matter what the user does (deletes items, etc.) the originals (unedited) are held and preserved in the archive.

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hindsightAuthor Commented:
AppRiver is the hosting company.  They do offer an archive option but I was hoping to find an appliance or piece of software that we could have onsite.  I'm still a little bit old school and like to have possession.  Additionally, some of our customers would prefer to make a single purchase instead of a monthly bill.

Thanks again to everyone for the input
hindsightAuthor Commented:
most applicable
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Don't you think,  my answer was much closer to your question. Don't forget online archive is not visible from handheld device. That could be a problem for your senior management people who use handheld device more than a laptop.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
I'm glad I could help and thanks for the points!
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