Software Deployment Error SCCM 2012

I am getting the following error when I attempt to install an advertised package from within software center. Has anyone else had this error or simular? If so what is the root cause? I did check and reconfigure my boundary group to include the subnet that this PC is in. is is there anything else that I can check.

Screen Capture of the error
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Michael PfisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
right in the first line of AppEnforce.log:

... Starting Install enforcement for App DT "Lync 2013"

I believe this is your problem (line 2):

The content path is not specified for DeploymentType ScopeId_656B0575-4C8A-4940-9546-619EEDE229B4/DeploymentType_841fd280-2273-463a-a61c-e424535db491.  Content is assumed to be locally available.

Then line  16

Invalid executable file setup.exe

Check your "Lync 2013" package settings.
Michael PfisterCommented:
Have a look at the AppEnforce.log and Execmgr.log on the affected client (C:\WIndows\CCM\Logs). If you want attch them here
cyberchrisrockAuthor Commented:
Here are the files that you suggested. I apologize that it took this long to post them, I had some difficulty.

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

cyberchrisrockAuthor Commented:
Can you recommend a tool that will repackage ".exe" installation files to ".msi"?
Michael PfisterCommented:
I'm not sure if this will help.

It seems the SCCM client is not able to locate the installation source and this is usually due to a misconfiguration in the package definition or it wasn't copied to the DP.

If you search for "repackage msi" you'll find many tools, some free some not. But repackaging setups often end in a disaster when the machine you're building your msi and the targets aren't 100% identical. I normally use this as the last resort.
cyberchrisrockAuthor Commented:
So what do you do instead?
Michael PfisterCommented:
Check the package definition?
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