Vcenter 5.5 networking guide question from best practices

"To physically separate network services and to dedicate a particular set of NICs to a specific network
service, create a vSphere Standard Switch or vSphere Distributed Switch for each service

what is meant by this? does that mean create a separate vDS for Vmotion and management and then use seperate physical adapters for each "service"
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dipopoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is sound advice, you would not want to share services on the same vswitch so each service can have their own dedicated uplink(s).

Ideally you would want more than 1 uplink per vswitch per service, I have always built ESX(i) servers this way.
NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
Ok so there is not any problems running 3 or 4 vDS across 15 serves that I have that are ub 4 clusters?

Yes and I believe you are only limited by the maxims.

vSphere Standard and Distributed Switch
Total virtual network switch ports per host (VDS and VSS ports) 4096
Maximum active ports per host (VDS and VSS) 1016
Virtual network switch creation ports per standard switch 4088
Port groups per standard switch 256
Distributed virtual network switch ports per vCenter 30000
Static port groups per vCenter 5000
Ephemeral port groups per vCenter 256
Hosts per VDS 350
Distributed switches per vCenter 32
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