Memory for the computer

As my program gets bigger I am finding that my lap top is crashing out in excel and vba excel.

The program file itself is only far and I have only really started to begin.

So I have a series of little questions here that might get me on my way:
1.  Should I be using a desk top and if so how much ram, memory should I be using?  I think the program itself will get at 5x larger before i am done.  Right now I am getting the message "APPCRASH" all too frequently.  How can I fix or should I just upgrade my systems?  

Right now I am running an Intel (R) core (TM) i5-3230m CPU @260 GHz, 6.00GB, 64 bit operating system, with windows 8 and Lenovo 2012 is the brand of computer.  I just bought it 3 months ago new and have not used it for any other purpose than programming and I have a good antivirus software on it.

2. Right now the computer screen blinks on and off continuously.  I think it is because I have a timer but even when I "comment" out the timer the screen still blinks.

3. I have essentially the same change event on different worksheets but all under the sub:  Private sub.   I am assuming that because the names are the same there is no cross over.  Each private sub does something in its particular spreadsheet.  Maybe I need to name the private subs something different.  Can anybody suggest a different way to mention the sub name?

All in all I am trying to make it so my computer program does not crash and that I can keep on building my code.

General questions I know but then again I am not sure what the exact questions are that I should be asking in respect to all of this.  

thanks for your help.
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Only 7040kb? That's quite big and it's probably due to you having many blank rows at the end of your sheets. Delete all the blank ones leaving a reasonable number for growth and I bet your wb will be a lot smaller.
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
Your computer should be plenty powerful enough for a workbook of that size. I've run workbooks that size on a virtual machine running on a five year old laptop without difficulty.

The version of Excel that you are running affects how large a workbook you can handle. Microsoft Excel MVP Charles Williams gives some guidelines at the following two links:

Watch out for cascading of event subs, where worksheet manipulations made by one sub trigger event subs to run. If you encounter this problem, turn events off before making those manipulations:
Application.EnableEvents = False
'Do stuff
Application.EnableEvents = True

Open in new window

The screen blinking is likely caused by your subs turning screen updating off and then back on several times before returning control to the user interface. I suggest deleting all statements turning screen updating back on. Excel will do it for you automatically when control is returned to the worksheet user interface. And turn screen updating off only in subs directly invoked by the user. Subs that are called by other subs shouldn't be turning screen updating either off or back on.

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BostonBobAuthor Commented:
Gotta go get excel 2013 64 bit asap. thanks for that and the updating advice. awesome.  How I would have ever figured that out myself is beyond.  Thanks for your help.
byundtMechanical EngineerCommented:
Microsoft recommends 32-bit Excel because of compatibility with controls and drivers. People who need 64-bit Excel know who they are--analysts with large Business Intelligence (BI) workbooks with PowerPivot, scientists doing data reduction on large datasets, or quants on Wall Street doing market simulations. People who think that 64-bit Excel might help invariably have other problems that they need to solve first.

If you are running Excel 2007 right now, then upgrading to a later version would definitely help. Excel 2010 and 2013 are very solid, in my opinion.

Note too that you cannot install 64-bit Office apps on a computer that has 32-bit Office apps. The installer will cut you off at the pass should you attempt it.
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