GroupWise 2012: Set a Recurring Appointment or Edit an Appointment

GroupWise 2012: Set a Recurring Appointment or Edit an Appointment

After the installation of the New GW 2012 we have no reocurring or auto date button to setup repeating dates.
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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same thing happened to me but was easily repairable.

Install the GW 2012 sp(1 or 2) client.  Open up Explorer and find the OFVIEWS\WIN directory and copy every file in it out to your postoffice\ofviews\win directory.  I believe you will have to restart the post office agent in order to "consume" the new view files.

The recurring button is handled differently now.  You don't have to click the calendar button and deal with recurrence in a separate dialog, rather it is a pull down which gives you the choices of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom and customization takes place (third Wednesday of every month for example) in a dialog that pops out to the left or right.

You can also copy the ofviews\win files from your software distribution directory if you downloaded the GW2012 full windows with client file.  They are the same files in either.

Hope this helps.

UtahTNAuthor Commented:
Copied all the items missing after using the Linux Diff command. Exit the GW 2012 client and restart PO and restart client and the recurrence button with a drop down arrow was now on the screen. Thanks Scott, I had seen the solution on Google before posting the question because I wanted a second opinion from a professional like yourself. Tx again.
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