Can someone uncheck or delete history log in TFS?

We use VS2012.  We have a TFS setup, browser based at  I think this is free and it was setup by one of our team member.

We recently have a disgruntle employee who just departed.  We then found some code in a dll is no longer working.  We are all sure it was working up till that person departed.  We checked the History of TFS and didn't find any changes to the code but that is not possible.  Before that was working and at sometime the correct code must have been checked in, built and deployed to the web server.

Can someone remove the checked in  history log and version?  is there a audit record of this some where in TFS that I can check?  

Thank you.
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Rahul AgarwalTeam LeaderCommented:
I think yes using admin permissions

Ryan McCauleyEnterprise Analytics ManagerCommented:
Though admin rights would allow you to delete a project, I'm not aware of any way to actually delete version history (or effectively undo - rather than rollback - a check-in). Even with admin rights, I don't believe TFS supports compete destruction of a check-in.

Do you have a working copy of your DLL? Though it would be a bit painful, what happens if you decompile it and compare it to the most recent copy of the source code that you have available? Comments, formatting, and other "niceties" will be missing, but you'll at least be able to compare functional code and see if there are indeed any differences. Especially if you're getting a stack dump from your current code that tells you the location, you can compare to two and see how different they are, potentially replacing any differences with working code from the decompiled DLL.
Ryan McCauleyEnterprise Analytics ManagerCommented:
It looks like there's a command line option in TFS called "destroy" that will delete a file (assuming the caller has admin rights):

It accepts a filename or a path, but it also accepts a parameter called "versionspec" that allows you to target a specific version of the file. Using this, somebody could delete a specific version of a specific file, though I'm not clear on whether they could delete evidence of a changeset altogether.

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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
I already fixed the code.  I am most interest in finding proof this ex-employee or someone help this person undo check-in code and remove history log.
We checked the History of TFS and didn't find any changes to the code but that is not possible.

if the latest code you get from tfs contains the wrong code and if you are right that there was a different code before (some time ago), you will get a difference to a previous version if you compare the versions in the history (first select latest version and any old version which doesn't contain the wrong code. if the difference can be found, narrow the versions to compare until you have found the changeset which contains the wrong code.

if all of the previous versions would contain the wrong code, i doubt that your analysis was true (means: the wrong code was old and the bug was due to other reasons). you may check whether there was an alternative workspace in that case or whether the developers were using alternative tools beside of tfs what could explain the differences.

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