Use Win API to set EnableDHCP flag

Dear expert,

I need to use Win APIs to set value for EnableDHCP flag.
But it seems I can not find the API to do this.
So, is there any API for doing this? Please help me to find this.

Note: until now, I can use Win API to set value for IPAddress , DefaultGateway and SubnetMask.

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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should be two ways, either using WMI and ("EnableDHCP method of the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration class") or calling 'SetIpInterfaceEntry()' ( with 'ManagedAddressConfigurationSupported' set to TRUE.
the EnableDHCP flag is a registry REG_DWORD below


where xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-aaaa-bbbbbbbbbbbb is the GUID of the LAN connection.

you find the GUID below


note, the GUID would not change as long as you don't add/remove network adapters or their connections.

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