XP can no longer map to Win7

User has a 2-user LAN with simple file sharing.  For years he has been able to map a share drive letter from the XP machine to the Win7 machine, and vice versa.  The share from XP to Win7 has suddenly stopped working, and I need guidance on what to try.

The share from Win7 to XP still works fine.

They recently bought a simple Netgear router from Staples after theirs died.  Both PCs are once again connected to the internet.

Things I have tried:

1) Temporarily removed an old, expired copy of Norton internet security on the Win7 PC, in case that was blocking it.

2) From the XP computer, I have tried to ping the Win7 PC and that timed out.

3) If I try to map a drive with the Net Use command from the command prompt, I get an error 53, path not found.  I tried the usual Net Use F: \\ginscale\c and Net Use F: \\\c, and got the same error.

4) On the XP computer, if I try to view network computers, it never shows the Win7 PC--only the XP unit.  They are in the same workgroup, and the router has assigned IP addresses in the same range.

5) On the Win7 PC, I have verified that nothing changed about the share name, and that the XP computer name and password is still set up as a user on Win7 PC.

Any ideas what else to try, and what might be going on?  Again, it worked fine until they replaced their router--or maybe that was a coincidence.  TIA
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Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Have you checked firewall on both computers?
sasllcAuthor Commented:
Yes, on the Win7 PC I temporarily removed the Norton internet security completely and rebooted, and I also tried shutting down its windows firewall.  Meanwhile, on the XP machine I temporarily turned off the firewall and antivirus protection in its Norton 360 program.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Could you check if server and workstation service is running on both computers? also, could you paste tcp/ip configuration of both machines?

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Rob MinersCommented:
Also check that the Computers times are in sync
Pramod UbheCommented:
just to make sure it is something on router side, can you check by connecting both the computers with a cross cable? if not can you try mapping with IP address? Also check the ports 445 and 139 are working by telnet command
Please check if IPv6 is creating this problem in the Win 7 computer
sasllcAuthor Commented:
I never could get anything to work, so I tried a system restore on the Win7 PC, and that solved the problem.  Why, I don't know.
Rob MinersCommented:
Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep that information for future reference. :)
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