Sharepoint 2013 Calculated Column formula

This example to simplify:

Column1 has four rows with different values: A,B,C,D
I need Column2 to have a formula presenting "YES" if Column1 is A or B.
(and "NO" if C or D)


(on-premise sharepoint 2013)
Håvard LillevikAsked:
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Rainer JeschorCommented:
Hi Håvard,
sorry but what do you mean with
Column1 has four rows with different values: A,B,C,D

Is column 1 an choice field and you have four different values to select?

Normally the calculated column should look like this:

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Håvard LillevikAuthor Commented:
Hi Rainer,
and thanks for your reply.

Column1 is a multiple choise field.
(production list is quite large and column1 has aprox 30 different values to choose from)

Rainer JeschorCommented:
Hi Håvard,
OK that makes more sense.
Unfortunately this type of field/column is not supported in calculated columns formulas.
What do you want to achieve with this information? Just displaying on a list view page? If yes there is the option to use client side scripting to adjust the displayed table (and e.g. add dynamically an additional column).
Do you use SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Foundation 2013?

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Håvard LillevikAuthor Commented:
Hi Rainer,
That didnt sound like good news...

Reason for the desired functionality is:
The List is quite large and is used for systemdocumentation of numerous clients. We want to make views per client so that we easily can display that clients vital infromation in a webpart.
However - this client view will only be a "front page" view displaying only vital information.
Thats why I thougt we could have som sort of an IF-formula saying that if column1 is A or B column2 is "YES" and "NO" if not. Then I could make the clients "front page" view based on a filter saying that if Column2 is "YES" then it should be displayed in the front page view.

Did that make sense?

We are running on SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise.

Håvard LillevikAuthor Commented:
Hi again,
Found this one that seems to be the solution but i cant get it to work:

Column1 has the value of BD122

=EXACT([Column1], "BD122")  

Expected result:
Compares contents of Column1 and the string "BD122" (Yes)

Håvard LillevikAuthor Commented:
Found the solution!!
and it was obvious (or not) as usual....

due to language settings "," is not aloud because our version treats it as a desimal. Using ";" everything works perfectly.

Simplyfied working formula looks like this:
=IF([Type Description]="Wireless";"YES";IF([Type Description]="UPS";"YES";IF([Type Description]="Generell informasjon";"YES")))


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Rainer JeschorCommented:
Hi Håvard,
thats correct. And sorry - I had a wrong understanding of
multiple choise
(yes - I should read questions and comments more carefully - sorry) - I interpreted as Multi-Select column - and they are not supported :-)

Håvard LillevikAuthor Commented:
no worries and thanks!
Your reply lead me in the right direction anyways:-)
Rainer JeschorCommented:
no problem. I have also two additional topics to mention:
- Nesting IF limitations
There is a hard limitation of 7 nested IFs and a calculated column formula length limitation of about 1023 characters
Build the first 7 nested IFs and then concatenate the next IFs with a simple "&" (without the quotes).

- Question Closing
For further questions I would recommend that it is always possible to close a question based on a solution you found (with 0 points) but assigning parts or all points to other experts comments when they got you in the right direction as "Assisted Solution". That will make us experts at least happy that our comments leaded to the right direction

Thanks and KR
Håvard LillevikAuthor Commented:
Tip! check your language settings when experiencing syntax error in formulas
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