printer migration

I need to migrate all printers from one print server win2003R2 to another print server win2003R2.
After that I need to forward the clients computer from old server to the new one.

Could you tell me how to do this. What tools I can use and if there are any good article how to use them please give me some links.
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How are the printers deployed?

You can use print management to pushprinters via GPO and via group policy preferences.

There are different powershell, vbscript that can be run as logins to initially collect information on current settings and then adjust them with the new print server.

Simply search for vbscript printing publishing and similarly for powershell
dedriAuthor Commented:
I used the PrintMigrator 3.1 to migrate the printers from one server to other and now I want in case of failure of the primary server to redirect the clients to the new one.
My AD is win2003R2. Computers on my network are winXP SP3.
Arnold, GPO Preferences are not available in win2003. Also the article is for win2008.
If you have a link to any good script I will appreciate if you share it with me.
Pushprinterconnection.exe in a login/startup script depending on whether you want to deploy on a per computer or per user basis. You would/could then use vbscript/powershell to set the same printer from two servers in a pooling configuration with polling.

The short you would use pushprinterconnection.exe from the windows 2003r2 (make sure you use the 32bit) if your Server OS is 64bit.
Then in print management add the drivers for the printer to match your systems 32 and 64 bit.

Then you deploy/publish the printers to the GPO where you have computer startup script and/or user login script.

A user will select which is the default.

A quick search for deploying printers returns many resources that will help you.

To deal with auto failure, you would need to pool connections
I.e. Printer1 is accessible via \\server1\printer1 and \\server2\printer1

One thing is that you have to maintain the same driver versions or your users will encounter problems.

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dedriAuthor Commented:
this partially solves my problem, I need also to remove the printers already attached to user PC  which are only from this print server. Any idea how to do it?
There are Vbscripts and powershell scripts that can be used to list the printers and then delete the ones you do not want.
Search for vbscript printers

an example from a blog that deletes all network printers using powershell
Get-WMIObject Win32_Printer #lists all printers and passes the data via | where{$_.Network -eq 'true'} #checks if it is a network printer type and passes via | foreach{$_.delete()} #deletes each printer that is passed.  Here you can add a check to see whether it should or should not be deleted.
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