How to configure X.500 addresses after domain move/rebuild.

Hello EE users,

I recently recreated a domain moving a small environment from SBS 2003 to Windows 2012 with Exchange 2013.
Mail was exported from outlook and is available in a PST as an archive, as it was a nice opportunity to get people to start clean mailboxes. So to be perfectly clear, accounts (only 20ish) where created on a new forest/domain and email added to these.

Now I know Exchange 2003 used internal addresses (X.400) for mails between internal users, I also know I need to add these to the new accounts on the new server, but I have been not been able to get it to work so that people can reply to mails from the old system that they have in their archived PST's.

I think it's something like a syntax issue or maybe a detail I am missing, so please have a look at what I tried.

Example old user on the old server:
John von Doe
username: j.vondoe
x.400: c=NL;a= ;p=(oldlocalnetbiosdomainname);o=Exchange;s=von Doe;g=John

On the new server he'd have the following:
John von Doe
username: j.vondoe
I've added a x.500 address
X.500: /O=oldlocalnetbiosdomainname/OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP/CN=RECIPIENTS/

I got the following error when replying to a mail in my archive:
Remote Server returned '550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found'

According to this article (lowest comment) that IMCEAEX line should translate to the X.500 address I added above, but still no go.

So what did I miss, is there a syntax error in there or am I missing a step in my understanding on what I need to add?

More info available on request, I didn't want to make this to spammy a start topic.


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Lior KarasentiCommented:
Check this article it helped me with same problem not so long ago:

You can also use nk2 Edit to get the X500 addresses from your old address book
GM-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks Liorkr, I already found that intell (The comment I linked to had that exact same explanation on how to translate the error to an x.500 address) and I used nk2Edit to find what I should enter as x.500 addresses.

That's why I am so confused I can't get it to work... I feel like I did everything correctly, but it's not working, so I must have a flaw in my logic somewhere, missed a step of typed something wrong.

From nk2edit on my old server account:

On the x.500 address added in Exchange 2013:

GM-ITAuthor Commented:
And it's solved...

A really stupid detail, but I'll post it here for others who might run in to it.

My X.500 syntax was fine...

When you create a new email address the field accepts all input when you define the type.
I typed X.500 as  email type as thats what the field below said as type.

However, it should be X500 , not X.500

And then it worked like a charm!

@liorkr 20% points to you as you added useful tips for people even though I new those two already.

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GM-ITAuthor Commented:
I found the issue as it was in the field that defined the type of email address, not in the syntax of the email address. :D
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