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Drafting a script to use when creating new AD user accounts.  I'm stumped on the part where I'd like to Read-HosT = "Choose the mailing location for user, MI/MS/MO/OK"

Then based on which state abbreviation is chosen the followup command would be:

Set-ADUser -identity $newusername -streetAddress "blah blah" -city "blah" -state "blah", etc, etc

Obviously the variables of the addresses would be different based on the choice.  I'm having a hard time searching for examples of such.

#Script to create a new domain user.  
#Oct 2013 Ben Hart
Function CopyFrom {
$groupBool = Read-Host "Copy group membership from existing user? Y/N. Default is N"
	if ($groupBool.tolower() -eq "y"){
	$usercopyfrom = Read-Host "Enter the user account to copy"
	return (Get-ADUser $usercopyfrom -Properties memberof).Memberof

$newusername = Read-Host "Please enter the new username"
$firstname = Read-Host "Please enter the persons first name"
$surname = Read-Host "Please enter the persons last name"
$newuser = Read-Host "Please enter the new persons name Last, First"
#$fullname = $surname , $firstname 
$newuserdescription = Read-Host "Please enter the new users Title"
$groups = CopyFrom
#create new domain account copying the specified
New-ADUser -SamAccountName $newusername -Name $newuser -DisplayName $newuser -Description $newuserdescription -Surname $surname -GivenName $firstname -UserPrincipalName $newuser@DIFC.Root01.org
"New user created"
Foreach ($g in $groups){
	Add-ADGroupMember $g $newusername
Set-ADUser -Identity $newusername -StreetAddress "525 S. Coldwater Rd." -City "Weidman" -State "MI" -PostalCode "48893"
Enable-Adaccount -Identity $newusername 

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Also as a tertiary request, I'd like to remove the line asking for the users last name, first name.  I know there's a way to combine the variables of $surname and $firstname AND including a comma between but I cannot figure it out.
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Ben HartAsked:
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Ben HartAuthor Commented:
Stumbled across something.. would this potentially work?

$location = Read-Host "Pick your state.  MI/MS/OK/MO"
if {$location -eq "MI") {$MI ; exit}
if {$location -eq "MS") {$MS ; exit}
if {$location -eq "OK") {$OK ; exit}
if {$location -eq "MO") {$MO ; exit}
else { "No location picked, defaulting to MI") {$MI ; exit}
$MI = Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "525 S. Coldwater Rd." -City "Weidman" -State "MI" -PostalCode "48893"
$MS = Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "1055 Mendell Davis Dr." -City "Jackson" -State "MS" -PostalCode "39272"
$MO = Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress 

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The above isn't too far off, but it wouldn't work as is.
I would use an If..ElseIf structure.  You could also use a switch statement.  There are a variety of ways that you could set what you need depending on each condition.  You could run the Set-ADUser cmdlet as shown below, you could set a variable equal to a string containing the Set-ADUser command and then later use Invoke-Expression to run it, or you could set variables for the address components like address and city and then later call Set-ADUser using those variables.
$location = Read-Host "Pick your state.  MI/MS/OK/MO"
If ($location -eq "MI")
{ Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "525 S. Coldwater Rd." -City "Weidman" -State "MI" -PostalCode "48893" }
ElseIf ($location -eq "MS")
{ Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "1055 Mendell Davis Dr." -City "Jackson" -State "MS" -PostalCode "39272" }
ElseIf ($location -eq "OK")
{ Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "..." }
ElseIf ($location -eq "MO")
{ Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "..." }
Else { "No location picked, defaulting to MI"
    Set-ADUser -Identity $username -StreetAddress "525 S. Coldwater Rd." -City "Weidman" -State "MI" -PostalCode "48893"

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Ben HartAuthor Commented:
That's working VERY well.  Awesome thanks.

Got another question if I may, running this via teh CLI I'm getting some weirdness with the setting of the password.

C:\!IT>powershell -command C:\!IT\new-user.ps1
Please enter the new username: gg
User does not exist
Please enter the persons first name: hh
Please enter the persons last name: ff
Please enter the new users Title: bnb hhjjh
Copy group membership from existing user? Y/N. Default is N: n
New user created, waiting 10 seconds...
Please enter the current password for 'CN=ff hh,CN=Users,DC=DIFC,DC=root01,DC=o
Password: *********
Set-ADAccountPassword : The specified network password is not correct
At C:\!IT\new-user.ps1:28 char:1
+ Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity $newusername -NewPassword
(ConvertTo-SecureStrin ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (gg:ADAccount) [Set-ADAccountPasswo
   rd], ADInvalidPasswordException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ActiveDirectoryServer:86,Microsoft.ActiveDirecto

Password changed to P@word1, waiting 10 seconds...
set-aduser : The password does not meet the length, complexity, or history
requirement of the domain.
At C:\!IT\new-user.ps1:33 char:1
+ set-aduser -Identity $newusername -Enabled $true
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (gg:ADUser) [Set-ADUser], ADPasswor
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ActiveDirectoryServer:1325,Microsoft.ActiveDirec

Pick your state.  MI/MS/OK/MO: MS
New account created, remember to move it from the Users OU into the correct one
under People
Press any key to continue

Press any key to continue . . .

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The code for that password part is:

#create new domain account copying the specified
New-ADUser -SamAccountName $newusername -Name $newuser -DisplayName $newuser -Description $newuserdescription -title $newuserdescription -Surname $surname -GivenName $firstname -UserPrincipalName $newusername@DIFC.Root01.org
"New user created, waiting 10 seconds..."
Start-Sleep -Seconds 10
#Setting account password to P@$$word1
Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity $newusername -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "P@$$word1" -Force)

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Cant figure out why it's prompting me to specify a password.  And when I do, whatever I put is wrong.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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Unless you use the -oldPassword parameter as well, then you have to use the -reset switch parameter.
Ben HartAuthor Commented:
So it'd be:

set-aduser -identity "username" -oldpassword "P@$$word1" -newpassword (convertto-securestring -asplaintext "P@$$word1" -force)

Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity $newusername -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "P@$$word1" -Force) -reset

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