What exactly does automatic maintenance do

We are trying to find information on Automatic Maintenance and make a decision as to weather we should turn it on or not.  However, finding information on what it specifically does seems difficult.  I've read the TechNet article that gives a good overview of what it does.  But I'm looking for more of what it precisely does.  What services and or processes does it spawn?  Or where can I find that information as it seems it may be different depending on third party software.
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rajivkumar07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Automatic maintenance regularly checks for solutions to problems (via Windows Error Report), runs the .NET Optimization Service and defrags all hard disks automatically -- all of this happens while the PC is on idle, of course.

If your computer is in Sleep mode, while on AC Power, it will be resumed and the maintenance activity will be carried out using full system resources to execute the task as fast as it can. After completion of the task, the system will be returned to Sleep mode. You will however, have to check the Allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer, if it is plugged in at the scheduled time option.

When Automatic Maintenance is being run, you will see its indication in the taskbar icon.
ICCHOOPSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast response.  So if automatic maintenance would be turned on, on a server, it would not hurt anything?  My concerns here would be an automatic reboot or anything that would consume a large amount of resources during backups or business hours.
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