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Hello experts

i have a unique question.

i created  an email enabled distribution group and added members to it.  what i am trying to achieve is i want one member to receive all of the emails; a manager.  They wish to view all of the replies that the other members are responding to the email enabled distro group.  

so is it possible to eliminate the reply feature on this specific account where the end users are only allowed to use reply all.  (i know....i really reaching on that one)

is there another feature that i am missing available on exchange 2010 that allows an audit of emails?

Alternatively, i can create a user account that would forward the emails to the distro group; attach the email account to the managers outlook profile and hope that all end users use the reply all feature.

any ideas?  thanks in advance
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imkotteesConnect With a Mentor Senior Messaging EngineerCommented:

Just create a transport rule to send a copy of email to manager whenever marked to DL
You can either append the subject on the incoming messages and then forward messages from that distribution group and subject to the line manager.

or you can either append the message headers on their way in to that distribution group and then inspect the header on its way out and forward replies on to the DL manager.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
In Exchange 2010 you can use Moderated Distribution Groups, which can allow a Manager or the "moderator" to review the email before allowing it to be sent to out to the group.

As for your other question you cannot remove the "reply button" when a use sends an email but what you can do is add the users or groups to the "Message Delivery Restrictions" so that they are not authorized to send or reply back.

Exchange 2010 Email Moderation -

Message Delivery Restriction
- Open the EMC
- Under Recipient Configuration Select Distribution Groups
- Find the DG, right click, select properties
- Under the "Mailflow settings" tab
- Open Message Delivery Restrictions
- Under "Accept Messages From, select "Only senders in the following list"
- Add only the users you want to be able to send to this distribution group


johnkesoglouAuthor Commented:
ok so i went with the transport rule route and i believe this would work.  i think the only way to get the manager to receive the emails is by adding text to the header and using that method to filter the emails going to the outside recipients.

keeping you all posted

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