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I have a list that will be maintained in Sharepoint, including versioning.  I have an access tool, linked to this sharepoint data list, and I will report out of Access.

My problem is, when I run the report through the rules, it needs to be running against MAX version.  Example, if a state law was changed, and the change increments a new version in the sharepoint list, I need a way to ensure I am only running the report against the latest state law.

I have been unable to locate any answer that steps me through how I can get to the sharepoint VERSION data column to appear in access linked table.

THanks for any information on solvign this.
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Jamie McAllister MVPConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
The latest version of the document or list item will be the one surfaced by the tool at all times, barring checkout/checkin issues and not being able to see minor versions (if enabled).

As such, you shouldn't need to see the version data unless you want something historic?
MrAutomateAuthor Commented:
Great information, and very fast assistance.  Many thanks!
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