Internet Explorer will not run

Reformated an older laptop HP NX9600 using the original Windows XP Prof. CD
reinstall O.S. and ran the drivers CD which installed all drivers

Now I'm ready to update XP when I lonch I.E. 6.0.2900.2180
I get pop up window "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry" then it just shuts down

I can open i.e. in safe mode but when I try to update I get the "The website has encountered a problem and cannot display"

any suggestions?
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAsked:
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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
reinstall windows. try a different disc. Windows runs on Internet explorer, the whole 'Browse Computer' thing

OR get chrome on a flash drive, then install it (with autorun)

then go to microsoft page and update the internet explorer
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
Where can I go to simply download Chrome?
I can only find accept and install links
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
you can also download the full version of IE8 here to a flash drive and try installing that on this computer.
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Download Chrome (with instructions to install)

It sounds like you cannot open IE except in Safe Mode.  That will not let you download from the internet.  So you will have to find another PC and download the Chrome install to a USB thumb drive which you can then connect to your PC to install.

However the real problem is that something is interfering with IE.  You should be able to determine what by opening Event Viewer and looking for errors time stamped at the exact time when you get the "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close." message.
Copy what is on the General tab and post here.  What you are looking for usually is the Faulting Module.
A long-window tutorial on Event Viewer that may be of help
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
I created another user and I can get I.E. open without errors
Now I'm trying to go to Updates and I get the same message:
"The website has encountered a problem and cannot display"
This reference seems to describe your problem and offer a solution.
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
try reinstalling windows. dont delete the drive just install in over the current installation, it will just overwrite the c:/windows and c:/program files/ folders
Reinstalling Windows by Clean Install will wipe everything off your hard drive--Personal data, installed programs, etc.  That would be a last resort if nothing else has worked.
A Repair Install would be the next to last resort.
It retains your personal data and installed programs.  And reinstalls IE8, which you can update as you see fit to IE9 or IE10.

You may be close to having to do a Repair, if you keep having problems.

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jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
The Windows XP that came with the laptop installs SP@ and I.E 6
I think the issue is I.E. 6
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:

Wrong, only if you delete the drive.

If you hoose the hard drive with current installation, all personal data stays, only the windows OS gets  overwritten

Furthermore, with the thousands of computers i repaired, only once has the Repair option ever fixed anything.

But why not, try repair. only thing you lose is time
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
I got it
Created new user that alowed me to open I.E.
Downlaod and install SP3
Download and Install IE 8
Ran Fix IE utility, now I'm able to update Windows
jsarinana--Thanks for telling us the solution.  Glad all is well.

And for the record, I made a big mistake.  I forgot you run Win XP. Procedure for Repair Install for XP is
And it will reinstall IE6 which you can update only as far as IE 8.
jsarinanaI.T. ManagerAuthor Commented:
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