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We are having issues sending emails to multiple accounts from various domains using different setups and via different ISP's. I.e. going through Exchange, POP.

It appears that the issue is intermittent and it looks like the email gets through but they don't arrive. We don't get a bounceback and it doesn't appear to be related to just new messages or replies. New messages seem to get through but replies or forwards with similar content don't. I have seen some examples where new messages don't get through either.

Initially we thought the issue was when sending emails hosted with fasthosts not getting through but it looks like others are affected as well.

Any thoughts?
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dpsully07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
create a contact in outlook for the user you are sending to, once you do that go into the contact and let your mouse hover over the email address. You will get a quick look popup, click on the 4th icon from left to right at the bottom it is called "view more options for interacting with this person". Click the dropdown arrow and go to "outlook properties". Under  internet format choose "let outlook decide the best sending format". Save it and close, try to reply to an email to see if it works.
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