Mail function not working (Joomla, PHP, GoDaddy)

Ok, I'm am not a developer so forgive me if I mess some things up or leave something out.

GoDaddy Hosted Linux box
PHP Mail function
Joomla 2.5.14

We have a simple contact page on our site. You fill out name, email, phone and click send. The code calls the PHP Mail function which then is supposed to send out email out of GoDaddy's server.

Everything was working just fine until last week. Here are the gremlins we are facing.
   *Windows 7, XP, 8
          *IE 9, 10, 11, Firefox 24, Chrome 29, 30
                *we fill out the form and in IE the page refreshes, the form is blank and no email is sent
                 * In FF and Chrome, you click send and nothing happens, no error, no email nothing.

Now, if you go into IE's security settings and drop everything down to LOW, IE works just fine, you get a confirmation the information was sent and I receive the email. Chome and FF still don't work.

Again, everything was fine last week. No patches installed on client machines or the server according to GoDaddy.

We run Firebug to see where in the code we are having issues and notice when we click the send button the code completely jumps over the PHP mail call feature. NO errors or anything. Here is the mail code it jumps over with no errors.

success: function(data){
dataObj =;
if (dataObj.errorStatus=="0"){
jQuery('#' + th + '_msg').html(dataObj.errorText).addClass('successMsg').slideDown('slow');
if (th=="gr"){
jQuery('#general_request_form').each (function(){
}else if (th=="qr"){
jQuery('#qoute_request_form').each (function(){
}else if (th=="kpr"){
jQuery('#keepnew_request_form').each (function(){
}else if (th=="kcr"){
jQuery('#keepclean_request_form').each (function(){
}else if (th=="rs"){
jQuery('#repair_request_form').each (function(){
}else if (dataObj.errorStatus=="1"){
jQuery('#' + th + '_msg').html(dataObj.errorText).addClass('erroMsg').slideDown('slow');
BrandonProject Manager, IT Systems and Software DesignAsked:
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Julian M.Web DeveloperCommented:
This sounds like a client issue rather than a server (or server scripting) issue. Your best bet, I'd say, is to have this moved or copied to the JavaScript TA. Ycan do this by using the "Request Attention" link below your question.

(Good idea.  JavaScript Zone added. ~Ray)
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
There's no PHP in your post.  And I have probably 100 email forms working using PHP "mail()" on Godaddy Linux and Windows hosting right now.
BrandonProject Manager, IT Systems and Software DesignAuthor Commented:
I have no problems with the issue being on the user's side. But how can this all of a sudden happen and be happening on all computers, even personal home machines. I even tried on a machine at Best Buy.

Same solution, dumb down the browser security and it works just fine.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
In Firefox, the Browser Console Cntrl-Shift-J (used to be Error Console) will normally show where an error occurs.
Julian M.Web DeveloperCommented:
If you're sure nothing has changed, also check to make sure there's no malware on your site. Joomla is a target for hackers, and cross-site scripting attacks are often successful, depending on the extensions that are installed.

Here's a basic vulnerability scanner: used to be a very handy tool, as it allowed you to enter a custom user-agent string, but unfortunately, the domain seems to have expired. You could use the User Agent Switcher add-on for Firefox as an alternative. Web Sniffer is similar to the one, and apparently, it now also allows you to switch pre-defined user agent:
Most of the time the hosting company will say nothing have changed but in fact they do udpate PHP, Apache or MySQL, sometimes they disabled some PHP settings.

So try to contact them and ask if something got changed on the server.

Have you tried Sendmail or SMTP instead of PHP mail? (this can be set in Joomla).
BrandonProject Manager, IT Systems and Software DesignAuthor Commented:
The issue was with the code and it's interaction with the latest security updates with IE, Chrome and FF.

After withholding the last maintenance check from our developers they finally looked into the issue a little deeper and found the error. It works now but they haven't said what the error was or shared the code fix yet. Once they do, I'll copy it here if anyone needs/wants to see it.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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BrandonProject Manager, IT Systems and Software DesignAuthor Commented:
No real fix to be done besides recoding by developers.
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