Remove all toolbars and tabs from Internet Explorer on Remote Desktop profiles

Here's the layout:
•Domain (DC is Server 2008 SP2, yeah, not R2)
•Remote Desktop servers (2 - Server 2008 R2)
•60 users (40 on one, 20 on the other)
•Several applications are used, including at least one that accesses the internet, but has its own GUI so users do not "know" they are on the internet.
•Users are forbidden from surfing the internet on the Remote Desktop (they do it locally). I have a good bunch; nobody seems to abuse this, so I haven't had to do any real crazy lockdowns.

PROBLEM: I have a new application that uses the IE GUI and when it is opened, it is obviously "the internet" to a user. If it is there, they will use it. They can't help it.
•I tried Kiosk mode, but it forces you into Full Screen, which doesn't work. If there was a way to change that one thing - tell it to open in a certain size window, I could work with that.
•Then I tried Group Policy, but on my SP2 DC there just weren't any policies that applied.
•I haven't quite yet gone too far down the registry rabbit hole.

What I want is for all of the toolbars and tabs to be gone, but I'd like the user to be able to minimize. The program has to stay up all the time, but can be minimized to the taskbar.

Note: We do not use roaming or mandatory profiles.

Any advice out there?
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SECC_ITAuthor Commented:
Okay I gave up on Internet Explorer. It will not work for this. Sorry, Microsoft, but the answer was Google Chrome. By creating a shortcut with this code:
chrome --app= --kiosk
I got exactly what I needed - a middle-sized window (not full screen) and the min/max/close buttons in the top right.

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SECC_ITAuthor Commented:
Disappointed in all those "experts" out there that didn't even try to answer this!
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