[VB2010] pass textbox value from form1 to form2

Here is the scenario. I have frmMain which has a btnDepts_Click event. On that same form I have a textbox txtCustomerActive.

On my second form frmDepartments, I have set a ScalarQueryDepartments like thus using DataGridView:
SELECT Customer, Dept, Name FROM Departments Where Customer = ?

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My question is, how do I get the value from frmMain textbox to my frmDepartments form where my db is setup. I know I can do txtDeptCustomer.Text = frmMain.txtCustomerActive.Text in frmDepartments load event, but how do I capture that value to pass to db. Do I just declare a variable in frmDepartments and pass that?

 I am using this code at the moment which catches the value I need, but how do I now query database with that value and display only those values in grid.
Me.DepartmentsTableAdapter.Fill(Me.StorageDataSet3.Departments) Dim customer As Object = frmMain.txtCustomerActive.Text txtDeptCustomer.Text = CType(customer, String) 

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 Any help to a new user would be very much appreciated. Thanks
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If you have many forms which share data from same dataset, I suggest using helper class with shared dataset and adapters:
Public Class DataHelper
    Public Shared Property dsMain As DataSet
    Public Shared Property ds1 As DataSet
    Public Shared Property ds2 As DataSet
    Public Shared Property taDepartments As Object 'TableAdapter is not a type
    Public Shared Property ta1 As Object 
    Public Shared Property ta2 As Object 
    Public Shared Property ta3 As Object 
End Class

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After Main form load, fill dataset and assign Helper class properties:

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Now from any form you have access to same dataset(s) and adapter(s):

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To pass variable to loading form, use public method on that form:
Public Sub InitCustomer(ByVal customer as String)
   Dim strSQL As String="SELECT Customer, Dept, Name FROM Departments Where Customer = '" & customer & "'"
   'Your query here 
End Sub

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In main form
Using f as New frmDepartments
End Using

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peter-cooperAuthor Commented:
Hi Ark Thanks for reply. Bit over my head, but I shall try. There is 2 queries I have.

Public Sub InitCustomer(ByVal customer as String)
   Dim strSQL As String="SELECT Customer, Dept, Name FROM Departments Where Customer = '" & customer & "'"
   'Your query here
End Sub

What would an example query be?

Also, Is the helper class a separate vb file. ie; add then class? Thanks
frmMain.txtCustomerActive.Text is actually not going to give you the results you want, assuming that txtCustomerActive can change while the application is running. frmMain refers to the form as you design it. To view the .Text property as it currently is, you need to refer to the current instance of the form. To do that, you need to name frmMain as the owner of frmDepartments, and refer to it through the Me.Owner property in frmDepartments.

So in frmMain, you'd declare frmDepartments something like this:
Dim frmDepartmentsLive as New frmDepartments
frmDepartmentsLive.Owner = Me

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in the header of frmDepartments (outside of any procedure):
Private frmOwner as frmMain

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then in the Load event handler of frmDepartments:
frmOwner =  CType(Me.Owner, frmMain)

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Now you can refer to frmOwner.txtCustomerActive.Text anywhere in frmDepartments and you'll get the current value of the textbox. You can refer to any other control or procedure that's defined as either Friend or Public using frmOwner as well.

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peter-cooperAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for help
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