How to FORCE FTP FROM a specific network card on AIX

I have a Power7 running AIX 7.1 with 2-10/100/1000 network cards running 100_Full_Duplex currently plugged into the same 10/100 switch.

I need to temporarily reconfigure one of the network cards to 1000_Full_Duplex and connect it to a gigabit switch so I can FTP data to a local Windows 2003 Server that has a gigabit NIC and will be connected to the same gigabit switch.
After I change the AIX side to 1000_Full_Duplex, is it possible to start the FTP on the AIX side and FORCE it to use the network card set to 1000_Full_Duplex?

Dan Kaib
Dan KaibAsked:
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It should choose the NIC based on the destination IP address and the routing table.

So just make sure that the route table uses that NIC for the IP address of the server you are going to.
Dan KaibAuthor Commented:
Thank you giltjr for your quick reply.

I have never had to add a route after the initial installation in AIX.
Below is the netstat -rn from the system:
Routing tables
Destination        Gateway           Flags   Refs     Use  If   Exp  Groups

Route Tree for Protocol Family 2 (Internet):
default       UG        0     11561 en0      -      -     UHSb      0         0 en0      -      ->     UHSb      0         0 en1      -      ->
10.82.100/24     U        12    440561 en0      -      ->
10.82.100/24     U         8    315221 en1      -      -         UGHS      2       238 lo0      -      -         UGHS      0        74 lo0      -      -     UHSb      2       277 en0      -      ->     UHSb      1       108 en1      -      -
127/8             U         4     33077 lo0      -      -

Route Tree for Protocol Family 24 (Internet v6):
::1%1              ::1%1             UH        1       160 lo0      -      -

I need to go from AIX IP address (en1) to Windows IP address

Below is the add route screen:
  Destination TYPE                                    net                    +
* DESTINATION Address                                []
* Default GATEWAY Address                            []
  COST                                               [0]                
  Network MASK (hexadecimal or dotted decimal)       []
  Network Interface                                  []                      +
  (interface to associate route with)
  Enable Active Dead Gateway Detection?               no                     +
  Is this a Local (Interface) Route?                  no                     +
  Policy (for Multipath Routing Only)                 Default (Global)       +
  Weight (for Weighted Multipath Routing Policy)     [1]                      #
  Apply change to DATABASE only                       no                     +

I was going to answer the questions as follows:
  Destination TYPE                                    host                   +
* DESTINATION Address                                []
* Default GATEWAY Address                          [] should this be
  Network Interface                                  [en1]                      +

Unfortunately this is a live system that I don't feel comfortable adding a route on the fly.
Any help you could provide in completing this screen would be appreciated.

Um, do you know if you actually use en1 at all?

Both adapters are on the same subnet.   Typically when that occurs all traffic initiated from this host would flow out the first adapter, in your case en0.

I'm not sure if you set a route for via it would work.

I believe that you may want to change " Is this a Local (Interface) Route? " from no to yes.

If you were doing command line instead of SMIT you would do:

route add -host  -interface

Then when you are done it would be:

route delete -host  -interface

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Dan KaibAuthor Commented:
Thanks giltjr for the quick reply.

I don't know if both are being used.  The system came in with the OS installed and IBM did the setup.

There are probably 30 users connecting to the AIX system using thin client.

Is there a way to tell if both en0 and en1 are in use?

Looking at some other doc, it looks like if AIX sees two interfaces in the same subnet by default it will use them both in round robin fashion.

If you setup the static route to use a specific interface it should use that interface for all traffic to that host/network.
Dan KaibAuthor Commented:
Thank you giltjr for your help.
I will be adding the route tomorrow for testing.

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