UDP Port Query \ Testing

Got some testing I want to do between two sites, connected over a VPN.

I have very specific UDP ports that I need to ensure are open end-to-end, as I am missing packets from one side to the other.  

So I am looking for something I can install on one side, set my listening UDP ports, then initiate a connection.  It would be awesome if I could specify packet size and even better if i can throw in a DNF bit on those packets as well.
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JamesonJendreasAuthor Commented:
FYI - currently using PortQry and nmap/zenmap.    Thinking nmap/zenmap is the way to go here.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
I only know of one standard way to test a UDP port, since it is in their nature you cannot test them with only one host. Use netcat:
nc -u <host> <port>

Open in new window

But of course you need to listen on the other site on that port, you can use netcat as well. Just type something on the sending host.

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