Outlook with cox cable

How to setup Outlook 2013 on Windows 8 to use with Cox cable at home?
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north_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends on how you would like Outlook to relate to your cox email account.

Most email clients use about the same incoming and outgoing port settings.

Cox Cable provides this information on their site:

imap.cox.net      <--this is what you type into the incoming server name

Incoming IMAP Port: 993

pop.cox.net <-- if using POP protocol, then you type this instead

Incoming POP Port: 110
**(Note: Use 995 for SSL)


smtp.cox.net <--this is outgoing server name

Outgoing SMTP Port:

    587 with TLS enabled
    465 with SSL enabled and check the authentication box, if available
    25 for no security

    Note: Cox does not recommend the use of unsecured ports

POP is used to retrieve just your basic mail. IE: Inbox, Trash, etc.
It does not sync customized folders.

The short hand is that it's used when you want to synchronize your mail over more than one device.

Open Outlook and select Manual configuration >> Internet eMail >> enter your full email address and settings i provided. (I would recommend just using the IMAP protocol, you can select that type from the drop down menu) >> your log on name is your complete email address. ie: user@cox.net >> test your account settings before you move on to make sure it can log on to the remote server and send a test message >> you can edit the port settings (port numbers and type of security; ie: ssl, tls, or none) under the advanced settings menu.
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