Substring in SQL 2008

How does one do a substring in SQL 2008 Management Studio.  I have a query that where I'd like to create a substring that takes an individuals organizational number and creates an absolute value to that I can determine Division, Department and Center for that individual.  

We've tried this with no luck:

,substr(spon.ORG_NUMBER, 1, 3)||'00' as [Sponsoring Mngr Ctr]

,substr(e.sl_deptname_abbrv, 1, 2)||'000' as Submitter_Div

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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Give us a before and after example of what you're trying to pull off here.
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
here is the syntax
SUBSTRING ( expression ,start , length )

SELECT x = SUBSTRING('abcdef', 2, 3);
DallasTRAuthor Commented:
The above solution works to get the substring but now I want to and zeros to the end so that they look like this:  

Individuals Org Number: 12345
Group: 12340
Center: 12300
Division: 12000
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
If this is a string..
Declare @str varchar(5) = '12345'
SELECT LEFT(@str, 4) + '0' as thegroup, LEFT(@str, 3) + '00' as center, LEFT(@str, 2) + '000' as division

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If this is a number, and assuming no rounding..
Declare @str int = 12345
SELECT (@str / 10 * 10) as thegroup, @str / 100 * 100 as center, @str / 1000 * 1000 as division

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DallasTRAuthor Commented:
So in the end it ended up looking like this:

,pCreator.SL_NAME AS [Created By Name]
,SUBSTRING(pCreator.SL_DEPTNAME_ABBRV, 1,2) + '000' AS [Creator Division]
,SUBSTRING(pCreator.SL_DEPTNAME_ABBRV, 1,3) + '00' AS [Creator Center]
,SUBSTRING(pCreator.SL_DEPTNAME_ABBRV, 1,4) + '0' AS [Creator Group]
,pCreator.SL_DEPTNAME_ABBRV AS [Created By Org]

Creator Division      Creator Center      Creator Group      Created By Org
02000                      02500               02540               02548
04000                      04800               04870               04878
05000                      05900               05900               05900

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