How to gracefully go from https: to http: pages

I want to make my form pages display as https: with SSL. I can make that happen with no issues.

To avoid the IE "Only secure content is displayed" every link on the page needs to be https: instead of http:

However, my form thank you pages and the rest of the site display as http:

So my question is once you are in https: how do you gracefully leave it?

I found something about doing IIS rewrites to redirect all the pages I don't want in https back to http but I have a lot of pages. There has to be a better way.
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I haven't done an SSL site in ages, so there may be other ways I'm not thinking of... but I wrote an article here on EE about avoiding the mixed security errors that you may find helpful.  Take a look at the section titled "A sneaky trick" which shows how to have resources like images, CSS and javascript that will load with the same protocol as the page is.  That way you can have a page either https or http and not trigger the warning.

Also, I'm not sure that your assumption of every link on the https page needs to be https.  If I'm right, only the images, css, js etc are involved - not outbound links in an <A HREF=___>  Assuming I'm not mistaken in this, you could just have the https form redirect to an http page when it's finished.  The mixed mode error should only apply to the contents of the https form page.

(If you find that I'm mistaken, please let me know... I'd need up update my article!)

I hope this helps!


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If I am reading it correctly you are trying to do a form post from https to http?
Submit your form to a https page that does any processing (db, email etc) and then do a redirect to the http version of a page that says Thank you.
EndeavorToPersevereAuthor Commented:
You were right. I didn't need to do the outbound links. That saved me a huge headache. It turned out I had two javascripts that needed fixed. The IE developer tools told me which ones to fix and my pages are working now.

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